Our Services include

We offer a wide range of services to the property development and planning industry.

✓ Topographic and Mapping Surveys

  • Terramap provides small and large scale mapping and detail surveys for Local and State Authorities for road and infrastructure design as well as builders for house design and volume calculations.

✓ Building and Construction Setout

  • Housing
  • Commercial Units
  • Major Buildings
  • Bridges
  • High-Rise Buildings
  • Electrical Substations
  • Water Treatment Plants

✓ Civil Works and Subdivisions

  • Subdivisions:
    • Road, Sewer, Stormwater, Water reticulation Setout & As-Constructed Surveys including drafting to council specification.
  • Earthworks:
    • 3-D Modelling & Machine Control upload and support
    • Data capture for quantity takeoffs and reports
    • Cut and Fill Design and Calculations
    • Mining  and Landfill monitoring, modelling and volume calculations

✓ Main Roads and Infrastructure

  • Main Roads setout and Quality Assurance
  • Queensland Rail Mapping and Upgrades

✓ GPS Surveys

  • Establishment of High Order Permanent Survey Marks
  • Survey Control establishment for large infrastructure projects, roadwork and corridors
  • Topographic Surveys including vehicle and Quad-Bike mounted platforms

✓ Aerial Mapping

  • 3-D Point cloud data and images from private Aerial Survey Platform

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<center>Building Construction and Setout</center>

Building Construction and Setout

<center>Civil Works and Subdivision</center>

Civil Works and Subdivision

<center>GPS Surveys</center>

GPS Surveys

<center>Main Roads and Infrastructure</center>

Main Roads and Infrastructure

<center>Topographic and Mapping Surveys</center>

Topographic and Mapping Surveys

<center>Aerial Surveys and Photogrammetry</center>

Aerial Surveys and Photogrammetry

Building Construction and SetoutCivil Works and SubdivisionGPS SurveysMain Roads and InfrastructureTopographic and Mapping SurveysAerial Surveys and Photogrammetry